Chinese Taoist priest cosplay costume including hat and whisk


Chinese Taoist priest cosplay costume including hat and whisk
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Bring authentic Chinese heritage to your next fancy dress or cosplay event with this classic Taoist cosplay costume. This costume contains all the key elements needed to portray a revered Taoist priest in ancient China.

We have black, yellow and red colors with sacred symbols depicted on the back which are Tai Chi and Ba Gua respectively. Our version is the ordination garment: such as yellow, a kind of representative of ordained Taoist priests. The ring clothes, the sleeves are more than two feet four inches wide, and the sleeves are long. Yellow belongs to soil, and soil can transform all things, expressing solemnity, and contains “Tao transforms all things, counselors transform and cultivate”. In the past, there were “three garments” in Taoist precepts, which were worn by Taoist priests who received the first precept, the middle extreme precept, and the immortal precept respectively. Now the teaching of precepts is done at one time, so only this kind of precepts is used.

No Taoist attire is complete without the symbolic whisk. This long fringed pole made of imitation horse hair is ceremoniously used to sweep the space in front of you. Our high quality whisks are specially crafted for your cosplay adventures.

Whether you’re attending Comic-Con, hosting a themed party, or attending a LARP event, this costume will bring an air of mystery and reverence. It’s designed for comfort and durability, allowing you to methodically embody one of China’s earliest philosophies through your garments. Transport guests back in time as you take on the role of a Taoist priest.


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